Food seva at the village temple

In the loving memory of Pujya  Guruji , on his punyateethi , besides chanting mantras and performing pooja , we came forward to cook and  serve Annaprasad to all the villagers. Having food with the villagers in the temple premises developed a soul connect between us. Guruji always said,” Whenever we get closer to the heart of a common man, we get closer to our vision.”

Offering of RSVK

Rishi Samskruthi Vidhya Kendra takes up the Annaprasad sewa every year on the occasion of Guruji’s punyateethi. Singing, serving, eating and cleaning together helps us bond with each other in loving oneness.

Date: 16th February 2017

Venue: Katarkhadak village.

Coordinators: Gurukulam Residents and Village temple in charge.

Participants: Rishi Gurukulam and villagers

Gratitude to: PujyaGuruji ,Manojji and whole Rural development team!

Tanaji Malpote

Name : Tanaji Malpote                                                                        

Age : 39 Year

Village : Katarkhadak


Mobile No. : 8796221333

I have done SSY program. There I come known so many things-types of food which are beneficial for us, including raw food. And also how to communicate with are others & how to live our life. It has greatly improved my health. Now even my family is Healthy , unlike earlier.

I am even sending my child to SSY Rishi Gurukulam School. This has made a lot of difference in his thinking & lifestyle.

There was been a lot of positive changes in my village too due to SSY.


I am grateful to SSY.