Distribution Tiffin Boxes

We packed little happiness in colorful tiffin boxes which were distributed to Anganwadi and Primary school students on the eve of 69th Republic day. 36 Children of Jawal village now carry their snacks from home to school and back home from Anganwadi in these boxes.


offering of RSVK


We provided attractive, sturdy tiffin boxes to make things easier and eating a joyful experience for these children.  It’s a great experience to have meditators support these activities!

Costume distribution

Costumes lend colour and a special charm to the dance performance. We distributed 58 costumes comprising of white and grey tops to school students of Andhale, Khamboli, Katakhadak and Jawal villages.

The gesture aimed at boosting their creative expression through dance and giving a sense of uniformity to the performance. The smiles on the  children’s faces on receiving it was a gift we gave ourselves.

offering of RSVK


Our teachers taught the rural students dance and got them ready for the performance besides distributing the costumes. Spending time with kids training them and getting them ready for the performance was equally joyful for us. 


Date: 15 Jan 2018

Venue: Andhale, Khamboli, Katakhadak and Jawal villages.

Coordinators: Alok, Amol and Manisha

Participants: four village schools girls

Material used: costumes to distribute


Gratitude to: Pujya Guruji ,Manoj ji and whole Rural development team!

Health Awarenness for women

Health has always been at the centre of all our awareness programmers. This time we decided to do it for rural women. Our in-house gynecologist, Dr. Varsha along with Renuka conducted health check up camp for Rural women .They were guided about health risks faced by women, diet, health challenges, prevention and solutions. Village women opened up freely and willingly to the lady doctor who answered their queries and explained them various concepts. 

We provided a gynecologist, consultation room at the kendra, resources and medicines. We invited village women to the kendra for a health check up and addressed challenges faced by them in the area of health.

Blanket distribution

Love is a warm blanket and we grabbed the opportunity to wrap the underprivileged in the warmth of our love by distributing blankets. The joy of bringing warm sunshine in their lives brought immense satisfaction to our meditator who initiated this kind gesture. Deprived of proper homes, these villagers are now willing to undergo various programs we wish to offer. Specially skills in making them self-reliant and creating their own ideal world.

offering of RSVK


The help was extended to adivasis of Jawal and Dhangarwadi villages. We are now ready to impart necessary skills to help them earn their living.