A Health and Hygiene Camp was organized for students in the rural schools of Katarkhadak, Khamboli, Andhale and Jawal.

The camp included information on importance of maintaining hygiene and its connection with health. Ways of maintaining hygiene.



Practical day to day tips were given with regards to use of towels, soap, water, etc. Other personal hygiene pointers were also mentioned. 


To develop love for technology and become pro at handling it, we have started Computer classes at the Khamboli High School for students of std. V -X.  The thrice-a- week session includes basic computer knowledge, history of computer through video clippings, notes on computers, practical’s, etc. The students follow a syllabus prepared by us. This step helps students to update themselves with latest knowledge about computer application.

offering of RSVK


Rafik Sir and Seema Didi, our rural development team members, have taken the lead to impart computer knowledge from 18th September, 2018.


October brought festivities and also a lot of fun with it as our rural school students engaged in making dandiya for Navratri celebrations. These kids from grade 1 to 5 from Khamboli, Aandhale, Pimpoli, Jawal and Katarkhadak villages learnt to decorate wooden sticks, newspaper rolls and make dandiyas. Fancy lace and colorful cloth adorned these beautiful handmade dandiyas. The aim was to develop their creative faculty

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Our Rural team under the guidance of Mrs. Seema Kamble and Manisha Shinde conducted art class for school students on 12th and 15th October. This was followed by Navratri celebrations.


‘When knowledge and skill meet, expect a masterpiece.’


Our Rural women from Katarkhadak village set out on their journey towards imparting skills to women of Khamboli village. They moved one notch higher in their confidence levels by conducting a session on useful, saleable skills for these rural women at the village temple. 

The skills included- fall and beading, jewellery making, lace and embroidery, beauty and make up. More than 170 women availed of this opportunity and will continue to do so throughout the course.


‘Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach him to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.’ We decided to go by this and organized a trip for our aspiring rural entrepreneur girls to Mumbai on 7th September, 2018. A hands-on experience in purchasing beauty products and other raw materials from buyers, learning about bulk purchase, wholesale prices, getting the best at the lowest price, fixing up the selling price, etc. Were the highlights of the 2 day visit to the Mumbai Crawford market. 

We let the girls also take a dip into the enjoyment the city offers by taking them for Mumbai Darshan to Mumbadevi temple, Babulnath temple, Hajj Ali Dargah , Bandra-Worli Sealink, Jehangir Art Gallery, Marine Drive, Lion’s Gate, A to Z, TOI, etc.

offering of RSVK


Our Rural Development team member, Renuka Vyas led the trip with 13 girls from the village.  The visit aimed at refining entrepreneurship skills among these girls and equips them to start their new business.

Santosh Malpote

Name : Santosh Malpote                                                                    

Age : 34 Year

Village : Katarkhadak


Mobile No. : 9762176481

After doing SSY workshop, I started following the principle and guideline laid down in SSY. I was also able to give up my bad habits of tabacco chewing etc.

I even did the professional insights program under SSY. There I learnt the ropes of running a business. It gave me the courage to start  my own business. So I started panchgavya chikitsa Kendra, that supplies the five items of desi ( local ) cows, namely, milk, ghee, curd, go-mutra ( cow urine) and cow dung.

I also started a goshala ( cow shed) of desi cow name shri samartha Gosavrdhan. My monthly income from it is 15,000-20,000.


My goal is to extend my business further.


Name : Manisha                                                                    

Age : 35

Village : Khamboli


Mobile No. : 8830010338


Profession : Teacher in Zilla Parishad Prathamik Shala

Zilla Parishad Prathamik Shala, ( ZPPS School), Khamboli provides education to children from 1st to 4th standard. Currently, 49 students study here.

 SSY is helping in broadening the knowledge of the students in the fields of English, Maths and Computers since Nov.2017, by sending qualified teachers and instructors to our school for this purpose. In addition, they are helping in improving basic English and General Knowledge of the students. They are also helping in making the concepts clear in Maths and English.

SSY teaches our students basic computer operation too. Also –  why learning to operate computers is important in today’s world, by emphasizing how it helps in so many different areas of life.

 SSY is holding regular classes for pottery since Nov.2017, for children. Children are always super excited in this class and enjoy a lot in making different items of clay. Pottery strengthens the muscles of the fingers and thus improves handwriting. It also improves concentration in children.

In Advanced SSY classes, children are taught shlokas, prayers, being in gratitude and being respectful to elders.  SSY teachers also create an atmosphere of positive vibrations and possibility thinking.

Children readily imbibe everything taught in these classes. They, in fact, eagerly await these classes.


SSY program has a lot of positive impact on children. We are very grateful to SSY for conducting their programs and various classes in our school.

Asha Borkar

Name : Asha Borkar                                                                             

Age : 45 Year

Village : Katarkhadak


Mobile No. : 9762276567

In 2002, I did SSY workshop under Shri Suhas Phadake. It completely transformed my life. I got awareness about so many wonderful things of life.

I became fit & healthy, and wasn’t falling sick easily any more.

SSY has construction 20 toilets blocks in my village. It have even also implemented a lot of welfare schemes of village temple.

SSY has also started computer classes in village. They also did Haldi-Kumkum program here.


SSY have done a lot for the upliftment of the village and also are continuing to do so.

Sanjay Ghare

Name : Sanjay Ghare                                                                             

Age : 45 Year

Village : Jawalgaon


Mobile No. : 9762283388

SSY program has helped me a lot in many ways. I have started eating plenty of raw foods. My health has considerably improved because of eating fruits & other raw foods. After doing SSY classes, I am able to communicate with people better. SSY has reduced my irritable nature. Also stopped eating tabacco and gutkha.

Even my kids have greatly benefited after doing the SSY program.

I have been working here in SSY for four years. The salary from here has significantly helped in improving my financial situation.

I have rebuilt my house from mud house to cemented pakka house. I have even dug a borewell for my fields.


The SSY environment is very good .Therefore, the mind remains fresh all day long. So I do not feel stress anymore. That’s why I never get sick. As long as I can to work, I am going to work here.