Name : Manisha                                                                    

Age : 35

Village : Khamboli


Mobile No. : 8830010338


Profession : Teacher in Zilla Parishad Prathamik Shala

Zilla Parishad Prathamik Shala, ( ZPPS School), Khamboli provides education to children from 1st to 4th standard. Currently, 49 students study here.

 SSY is helping in broadening the knowledge of the students in the fields of English, Maths and Computers since Nov.2017, by sending qualified teachers and instructors to our school for this purpose. In addition, they are helping in improving basic English and General Knowledge of the students. They are also helping in making the concepts clear in Maths and English.

SSY teaches our students basic computer operation too. Also –  why learning to operate computers is important in today’s world, by emphasizing how it helps in so many different areas of life.

 SSY is holding regular classes for pottery since Nov.2017, for children. Children are always super excited in this class and enjoy a lot in making different items of clay. Pottery strengthens the muscles of the fingers and thus improves handwriting. It also improves concentration in children.

In Advanced SSY classes, children are taught shlokas, prayers, being in gratitude and being respectful to elders.  SSY teachers also create an atmosphere of positive vibrations and possibility thinking.

Children readily imbibe everything taught in these classes. They, in fact, eagerly await these classes.


SSY program has a lot of positive impact on children. We are very grateful to SSY for conducting their programs and various classes in our school.

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