Gratitude session for women

As an initiative to help everyone experience abundance in all areas of their lives, we regularly conduct the ‘Magic of Gratitude’ workshop. And this time, for the above workshop, we invited women from adjoining villages viz. Aandhale, Katarkhadak and Khamboli tour Katarkhadak Aashram. The workshop aimed at raising awareness – about focusing on gratitude for everything, everyone and every situation. Andthus magically reversing scarcity into abundance.

To help the participants relate better, we cited examples from their daily lives and in return, we got an earnest promise and commitment by them to live in this beautiful energy of Gratitude 24 x 7.

Date: 18 Apr 17

Venue: Dyaneshwar Bhoomi

Teacher/Trainer: Narendra, Bindu and Dipesh

Coordinators: Rural team

Participants: 80 ladies

Material used: PPT, Gratitude journals.

Gratitude to: PujyaGuruji , Manojji and whole Rural development team!

SSY Jawal

After SSY introduction program in Jawal Gaon and consistent follow ups, and opening of Aananda Kendra in Jawal Gaon, the receptivity of the villagers have increased manifold.

A group of 30 people enjoyed the learning’s and energy created by SSY! It’s all about leadership & happiness.

Also, this village ranks number one in this vibhag (Division) for growing vegetables!  This was achieved by the hard work of Alok of our Rural Development Team, who researched into this and relentlessly worked with the villagers, sharing his findings, motivating them & solving their agriculture related problems. In deep gratitude to Guruji.

Offering of RSVK

Creating awareness and enrolling villagers for the SSY introduction program. This benefits them in all areas of their lives.

Magic Of Gratitude

A moment of gratitude makes a difference in one’s attitude.’ In keeping with this, the Magic Of Gratitude (MOG) is a special gift that helps create abundance in the areas of health, wealth and relationships. Highlighting the importance of forgiveness, it brings about a 180 degrees shift in various areas of life. The participants experience a sense of freedom and high energy which acts as a catalyst in manifesting their visions. The follow up through a well- organized system helps participants stay in the same energy.

Simply put, the program deals with the science of reversing  Scarcity into Abundance.

Offering of RSVK

45 villagers who are inclined towards the growth and development of their villages were taken to Surat for MOG where Manojji conducted the session in hindi. It was a great trip with great learning, togetherness and oodles of fun too!

Date:9nd April 2017

Venue: MOG Surat.

Teacher/Trainer: Manojji

Coordinators: Amol and Alok

Participants: 50

Gratitude to: Pujya Guruji , Manojji and whole Rural development team!

Educational tour and trekking

We arranged a rendezvous of the village students with nature by taking them on a nature trail. First – hand experience of consciously being in nature and along with it helped develop empathy and oneness. Children were filled with gratitude for the generosity of nature and its bounties in the form of mighty mountains, babbling rivers, fluffy clouds, chirpy birds, lush greenery and the heaven of the open blue sky. Spending time in the lap of nature and having food under the canopy of their new friends, the trees, was one of the rare pleasures the children will cherish for a lifetime.

Exposing village students to such fun- filled group activities is a unique experience. Students of Katarkhadak village were taken on a trek to Katarkhadak hills along with Rajesh sir, Amol, Rafik and Alok.