Bin it

As part of our Clean India, Green India initiative, we installed two garbage bins in Jawal village.

One in the chowk  area and the other near the temple. Villagers are happy to have this. They have started using these bins.


Knowledge about garbage collection and disposal formed the part of the awareness program.  Thus inspired all the residents of Javal village and help them to take the responsibility.


offering of RSVK


Our Rural Development team helped in installing the bins. And creating awareness on the same. 

Groom and Grow!

‘ An empowered woman is powerful beyond measure and  beautiful beyond description.’


       Empowering rural girls with skills for financial independence has always been our motto. As part of this initiative, we arranged for a hair styling workshop for rural girls. They were taught different hair styles and ways to adorn hair with colorful beads, pins, etc.


      Learning to groom themselves and the need to carry them well was a byproduct of the workshop.


offering of RSVK


Renuka took the initiative to train the rural girls in hair styling. We arranged for the place and decorative material. 

Children SSY… Making a Difference

To help children blossom,   we added a dash of sunshine in their lives with our Children SSY class conducted at Vadgavan and Dhonde village at Rajgurunagar. Sponsored by Bilcare, the initiative aims at empowering children with a vision for a brighter tomorrow. Coloured with stories, drawings and drama, the  activities in the workshop aid in making them responsible citizens.

Dinesh ji along with Dipesh conducted the sessions in the most fun filled manner. Making creative board and banners post the session so that they can be with the same energy!

International Women’s day with Padman

On the eve of Women’s day, we let media take charge and do what it does best- be a force of positive change. 130 women from Katarkhadak village celebrated womanhood by gathering  for a special screening of the movie Padman, specially arranged for them. The initiative aimed at equipping women with necessary knowledge and empower them to be leaders in their own right and catalyse development. The movie came as an eye- opener in the area of menstrual hygiene for most rural women. The coming together of women helped even the most reticent ones to speak their hearts out. The beneficiaries promised us that they would put their health at the top of their  priority list henceforth. They  are now willing to visit the clinic meant for them when needed. To add to the celebrations,  we distributed tiffin boxes to them and  enjoyed a meal together at the SSY Ananad Kendra. The Director of the movie, R. Balki lauded our initiative with-” Thank you so much for taking this film to the areas where it has to be seen.” A small baby step to help women speak up, speak for and speak out……

The New born SSY Ananda Kendra hall lent itself for the screening of the movie. Tiffin boxes sponsored by our meditator Gopalji added a special touch to the day. 

Date: 8 March 2018.

Venue: Ananda Kendra.

Coordinators: Rural team.

Participants: all the village ladies of Katharkhadak.

Material used: Padmaan movie, projection, Mike system.


Gratitude to: Pujya Guruji ,Manoj ji and whole Rural development team!

Teen Talk

As an extension of the Women’s Day celebrations, we decided  to equip teenage girls from Katarkhadak village with the knowledge about physical changes during puberty, menstrual hygiene, mental and physical changes  during adolescence and teenage pregnancy. We organised a Sex education and Awareness session. 11 girls from Katarkhadak  villlage who participated in the same  felt free  to discuss these topics, asked queries and benefitted from it.



offering of RSVK


Our Our in-house gynecologist,  Dr.Varsha at Rishi Gurukulam , Katakhadak conducted the session with the girls.

Rural children visit Gurukulam

Having embarked on a journey from self-development to Global development through Children’s SSY, Khamboli and Andhale village school kids visited their Gurukulam counterparts. This std.1 to 4 village school students shared their takeaways from the SSY programmer in their last session which was held at Gurukulam itself. Theinteraction between the future world leaders was a sight to behold. And we are more than happy to be a part of this metamorphosis.

Our SSY teachers Prabhakarji and Dinesh who led the session arranged for the  visit to the  Gurukulam and the rendezvous with the students.