Shelves of Knowledge : Empowering Rural Students with Books and Cupboards

In a significant endeavour to enhance the educational infrastructure and reading resources in rural schools, we delightfully distributed glass cupboards and storybooks to the schools of Jawal, Khamboli, and Kemasewadi villages. This initiative was carried out with the aim of providing students with improved storage solutions and access to a diverse collection of storybooks to foster a love for reading.

Unlocking imagination !

Our rural team in collaboration with HERE Solution India Pvt LTD made arrangements for transportation and installation of glass cupboards and carefully handpicked Pratham story books in Marathi and English thus inviting libraries within rural schools.

Imparting Quality Education – A Smart TV for every classroom

Our Rural team in collaboration withHERE Solution India Pvt LTD made a significant stride toward elevating digital education in rural communities. This inspiring venture of offering Smart TV ensures that rural students have access to digital learning tools and resources. The students of Kartarkhadak ZP School, Khamboli ZP School, Jawal ZP School, Kemasewadi ZP School, and Khamboli High School can now enjoy a vast array of interactive learning sessions through the Sundaram E Class.

Integrating tecnology into learning process!

Our rural team arranged for the Smart TV , it’s installation and provided the required know- how in operating the same to the educators of rural schools. We are grateful to HERE Solution India Pvt LTD for taking the initiative to offer the rural students the same digital resources as their urban peers.

‘The Art and Culture Connect’ – Creative Classes

We embarked on an exciting journey of creativity and cultural enrichment with the Khamboli School students. In a heartfelt endeavor to nurture the creative spirit within our rural school students, Sonali Didi, a passionate artist and educator, conducted a Ganpati Pandal decoration session. The workshop yielded beautiful vibrant floral decorations. The students were more than happy as they showcased their artistic prowess to make the Ganpati festivities even more special with these handmade adornments.

Cultivating Artistic Flourish!

Our rural team arranged for material required for the decoration. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Sonali Didi for her dedication and expertise in nurturing our students’ creative talents. The workshop was a huge success with her passionate involvement and guidance.

‘Soy Good for you! ‘ – Soy Nuts, cookies and Milk distribution

The Soya Nuts, Soya Protein cookies and Milk Distribution in Khamboli Block is an initiative aimed at improving the nutritional intake of students in local schools and Aaganwadi centers. Students from 9 schools in the Khamboli block helped us in manifesting our vision of – “Healthy children today, thriving nation tomorrow.”

Fuelling healthier tomorrows !

Our rural team made all the necessary arrangements for procurement and distribution of these healthy goodies.We are grateful to HERE Solution India Pvt LTD for taking the initiative to offer rural students health coupled with love.

Computer Education

To help students keep pace with the tech driven world, we decided to start our computer education sessions for Khamboli school students. About 50 students from standard 6 and 7 are availing of this facility and we are more than pleased to see them master the world of technology.

Unlocking the digital world!

Our rural team contributes by imparting computer education in our well equipped computer lab.

Sweetening Future : Peanut laddu distribution

Sweetening Future : Peanut laddu distribution

We found unbounded joy in seeing brightly lit up faces of students from 9 ZP schools and Aaganwadis when we offered them ladoos packed with protein and natural sweetness. We chose this Indian delicacy to not only provide nourishment coupled with taste but also encourage healthy eating habits among young students.

Inspiring smiles and sweetness!

Offering of RSVK:-

Our rural team collaborated with HERE Solutions and authorities of ZP schools and Aaganwadis to make this project a resounding success.

When we hosted Students…..

We enjoyed hosting 21 students from the Khamboli block in our Rishi Gurukulam at Katarkhadak. The students made the most of their visit by trekking and basking in nature’s glory. They not only enjoyed food at our Gurukulam kitchen but also relished meditation which they found to be the food for their mind and soul. It was a fun- filled stay for these happy students who enjoyed every bit of their visit here.


Creating memories!

Offering of RSVK:-

Our rural team made arrangements for the visit coordinating with the school authorities. They planned activities for the students during their visit.

The goodness of health

Every Tuesday and Friday (On going activities)

In keeping with our purpose to ensure physical, mental and emotional well being of our rural students, we offered the goodness of milk in small packets to Z.P and Aanganwadi students of Shelkewadi.

  • Katarkhadak school
  • Khamboli School
  • Andale
  • Pimpoli
  • Jawal
  • Gawarewadi
  • Shelkewadi
  • Kemsewadi
  • Raslwadi

Yoga – A Journey within

On the occasion of International Yoga Day, we decided to create awareness about Yoga and Yoga Asnas among school going kids. More than 230 students availed themselves of this opportunity.

  • Katarkhadak school
  • Khamboli School

Details of the activity

Date: June Month

Venue: Katarkhadak and Khamboli school

Coordinators: Rural team.

Participants: Katarkhadak & Khamboli School

Material provided: NO

Stationery Distribution

As part of our rural development project, we took the responsibility of facilitating the learning process by distributing stationery articles to students of 9 ZP schools. We are grateful to the ZP schools of Andhle , Katarkhdak, Khamboli, Pimpololi , Shealekewadi, Gavarwadi, Jawal, Kemasewadi and Rasalwadi for giving us an opportunity to bring smiles to the young faces.

Notebook Distribution

offering of RSVK

Our rural team coordinated with these 9 ZP schools and planned for the smooth distribution of stationery.

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