We took one more confident step towards our mission of rural development by setting up a new Kendra for Zilla Parishad schools at Pimpale village.


  Three projects that we have started with are-  Enhancing English reading and writing skills to help students communicate better.  Computer proficiency to help them handle technology  and Advanced SSY fun games to help them bond better with everyone and experience togetherness  among themselves. These projects are an initiative to make the students  more self-reliant by building up their self-esteem.


offering of RSVK


Our Rural  Development team members take turns to conduct regular sessions with the students. The centre aims to be the focal point for future activities planned to bring about a positive difference in the lives of these rural children. 

International Yoga day celebrations

Creating awareness about the importance of Yoga on 20th, 21st and 22nd June, 2018. 

70 residents of Katarkhadak village, 200 villagers from Khamboli village,  20 students and teachers of Jawal  village whereas 100 students and teachers of Rishi Gurukulam availed of this opportunity to learn basic asanas and understand the importance of Yoga Day.


We were fortunate to help the entrepreneurs who attended the scope camp during the same period by sharing the knowledge of basic asanas with them too.

The activity was backed by INO, International Naturopathy Organisation. Renuka, the Secretary of INO, headed this activity. She was accompanied by our Rural Development team 

Marathon…… Chasing dreams!

The hills beckoned us and we ran to their call. Winding their through the lush green valley,  Rishi Gurukulam students, teachers, parents  along with 13  Village  school students and  runners from Striders group participated in the Varsha Marathon held on ………..2018. Students ran a good 6km while others completed the Marathon as part of our ‘Clean India, Green India Campaign.’

We made arrangements for the Marathon with refreshments in between. Children were gifted beautiful tiffin boxes with healthy breakfast.

Skill with a purpose

Our Rural women were taught to weave their dreams in the form of designer bags. Rashmi Shah designer from Mumbai trained the women to use leftover cloth materials from her boutique to make colorful bags. These bags would be used by her to give away to her clients. This gave impetus to ‘Ban the Plastic campaign’. Women also learnt to make creative use of waste, value resources and fill their pockets with some hard earned money.



Our meditator Rashmi Shah is a Designer in Mumbai, arranged the bag making workshop for Rural women.

Monday Satsangh

We cannot do great things. We can only do small things with great love.



       We added a dash of our love in the lives of our in- house rural staff such as gardeners, cooks, Housekeeping staff, etc. by conducting Monday Satsangh. It is time for them to melt in love rather than be frozen in differences with each other. They work half day on Monday and the remaining half is dedicated to rest, energy session, meditation and fun club. Various scope camp topics are chosen every Monday to help them grow inwards. A feeling of togetherness rules these fun filled workshops.


Keeping the energy for the week very high by doing these weekly sessions. We provide a platform for them to be growing in their values and living by it. Helping them apply all that is taught to them and reminding them.