Lighting the path of knowledge

“Empowered Women empower others.”
This holds true for our young women educators from Katarkhadak, Khamboli and Padalgarwadi village, who with unwavering determination and a deep-rooted belief in the power of education, have become beacons of knowledge, imparting essential concepts to eager young minds. We decided to support this initiative by offering them teaching aids like the Board,  Box of Chalks and Duster. While these women are a catalyst of change for their communities they also bring in some financial freedom for themselves.

Bridging the knowledge gap!

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Our rural team arranged for the Chalk boards to make imparting education and learning more meaningful.

Women with a Vision

We decided to take this plan one step further with our Quilt- making initiative for women of Katarkhadak village.
The activity that uses old clothes for making quilt not only helps in leveraging traditional skills and repurposing resources but also has cultural significance and economic value as the women thus engaged in this fruitful initiative attain financial autonomy.

Fostering Financial Freedom!

Offering of RSVK:-

Baggit is Supporting the activity by helping them to develop the skill and also help by purchasing the finished product.

Empowering today for an empowered tomorrow


‘The Rihe village women were taught to make and pack ground nut Ladoos and nutribars. These goodies were then distributed to children of Anaganwadi and Zilla Parishad schools. The activity aimed at making women financially independent and ensuring unhindered nutritional intake of protein for school going children.

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Our rural team arranged for the cooking class. It also packed the nutribars and Ladoos along with the rural women. It also arranged for the smooth distribution of the goodies to our school going friends.


Vaishnavi Khengare, last year graduation student from Katarkhadak village, has taken the initiative to help other village girls acquire English speaking skills. These Higher Secondary pass outs who wish to pursue bachelor’s degree attend Zoom sessions specially organized for them by us for a smooth English class. Vaishnavi aids them in picking up functional English-speaking skills.

We are extremely grateful to HERE Solutions India Pvt LTD to help us in our vision to empower women in all walks of their life.

New skills …New medium… New beginnings!

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 Our Rural team member, Rafik provides technical support and guidance to the girls to help them fulfill their dream of learning English. He arranges a Zoom meeting and has made them techno savvy in handling this new medium of learning.


We steered our Project,

Kamakhya towards its second phase- ‘Experience’.

As an important part of Menstrual Hygiene, we distributed 140 Menstrual Hygiene kits with handmade cotton cloth sanitary napkins made by women in Ahmedabad. They were also offered a washing soap, string to dry, clothes peg and washing bowl to maintain hygiene. The women recipients of Pimpoli village were explained the importance of weaning themselves off the synthetic napkins.

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 Our Rural Development team   encouraged the rural women to open about their challenges in menstruation and talk to the Gynecologist doctor, our Rural Development team member. The women in the next phase of the project will eventually be taught to make their own sanitary napkins and sell the excess ones to gain financial independence.

Motherhood & Fearless Fatherhood/Yes Parenting

An ISP (Infant Siddha Program) session was conducted for rural parents. The sessions were a prelude to happy parenting days. Aimed at parents of children from 0-7 yrs., the program aids in providing the child conducive environment for all round growth.



One of the participants, Mrs. Seema Kamble, a ZP school teacher,  practiced one of the applications of ISP on her students  and reported,” Earlier the  students were disinterested in learning new English words. But with flash cards as a ‘Fluent forever’ technique I learnt in the ISP session, I have noticed that the student engagement has gone up and they are a happy bunch of motivated learners now.”

The rural participants immediately applied some tools like Sleep talk, flash cards transforming themselves into ‘Yes ‘ parents.

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Mrs. Shilpa Kshirsagar , our rural  team member, resolved the  queries  of inquisitive  parents. The parents were more than happy to receive this easy to apply knowledge for making learning quick, fun and long lasting.

Workout For Mind, Body And Spirit

We conducted SSY sessions for 21 rural participants of Katarkhadak village. This total health management program brought out the best in the participants by giving them enough food for mind, body and spirit.



The participants ruminated on the knowledge given and reported a positive change in their attitude. Appreciating this life enhancement programme, Miss. Kaajal Malpute confessed, “I was very diffident about my entrepreneurship skills. The program has given a new confidence to take up a new project.”


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We Our rural team member, Mrs. Shilpa Kshirsagar along with Rambhai and Hemali conducted the sessions.

Mehendi Classes

Khamboli village girls received training in Mehendi application from their counterparts in Katarkhadak village. These girls showed great enthusiasm in learning the skill.

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Renuka Vyas, our Rural development team member took the initiative to conduct training for more than 60 village girls. The aim is to help the girls learn socially productive skills. The village temple offered itself for this activity. 


‘When knowledge and skill meet, expect a masterpiece.’


Our Rural women from Katarkhadak village set out on their journey towards imparting skills to women of Khamboli village. They moved one notch higher in their confidence levels by conducting a session on useful, saleable skills for these rural women at the village temple. 

The skills included- fall and beading, jewellery making, lace and embroidery, beauty and make up. More than 170 women availed of this opportunity and will continue to do so throughout the course.


‘Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach him to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.’ We decided to go by this and organized a trip for our aspiring rural entrepreneur girls to Mumbai on 7th September, 2018. A hands-on experience in purchasing beauty products and other raw materials from buyers, learning about bulk purchase, wholesale prices, getting the best at the lowest price, fixing up the selling price, etc. Were the highlights of the 2 day visit to the Mumbai Crawford market. 

We let the girls also take a dip into the enjoyment the city offers by taking them for Mumbai Darshan to Mumbadevi temple, Babulnath temple, Hajj Ali Dargah , Bandra-Worli Sealink, Jehangir Art Gallery, Marine Drive, Lion’s Gate, A to Z, TOI, etc.

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Our Rural Development team member, Renuka Vyas led the trip with 13 girls from the village.  The visit aimed at refining entrepreneurship skills among these girls and equips them to start their new business.