SSY story books

Once upon a time……..’  is music to ears not just for kids but grown ups as well.  We, at RSVK, believe in making learning fun and interesting for kids. And this time, we decided to let the princes, the fairies and the little angels give wings to their imagination and creativity.

Offering of RSVK

We distributed  Marathi story books to children  of Jawal village who  were thrilled to receive them……A humble  step to usher them into a fantasy land where there is so much to learn…  imbibe…to emulate….

SSY Khamboli

SSY program in schools is one of the wonderful activities we do for child development. The energy created by the SSY is channelized to raise their consciousness, take leadership, take responsibility not only of self, village, or nation, but of the entire world. To maintain this energy further we conduct advance SSY sessions on weekly basis.

Offering of RSVK

Taking up the responsibility of nurturing the students through SSY program and value based education. Keeping them energized by weekly follow up with advanced sessions of SSY sessions.

SSY Katarkhadak

A new batch of SSY program is being held at Katarkhadak Village. It’s gratifying to have 25 villagers enrolled for this SSY batch, at a time when the rice ploughing season is in full swing and the villagers are extremely busy for the entire month, tending to their fields.

Also, the villagers now very fondly offer their houses to conduct these classes.

Offering of RSVK

Thank you Guruji for the gift of SSY, which connects us to the heart of common man. Thank you Rural Development Team for enrolling and successfully conducting these SSY programs.

SSY Aandhale

In our endeavor to empower rural India, we are continuously reaching out to different villages with our enriching SSY program. And we have now successfully added Aandhale village in our fold. For the first time, Aandhale village hosted SSY program for the villagers with a batch of 19 people. Already, in Khamboli village, there’s an SSY program being conducted with 32 villagers.  At Katarkhadak, we recently completed an SSY batch for villagers. Also, our ‘Clean India Mission’ is being incorporated in the program by creating awareness & showing the villagers, the video –  ‘ The Cleanest Village of India’, along with SSY program. It is an initiative to inspire them and raise their consciousness, so that they are open to ‘Clean India Mission’ and work towards making it a reality of their own accord.

Offering of RSVK

Thank you Guruji for blessing us with SSY knowledge, and a system to build a team of dedicated SSY teachers to offer this knowledge to one and all.  Thank you for giving us insight into the ‘Clean India Mission.’


This time we used a shade of red to spread smiles. Women at Katarakhadak village have been receiving training in applying mehendi. To give a festive cultural tinge to the Upanaynum and Raksha Bandhan ceremonies, 9 village girls were invited to apply mehendi on the hands of Gurukulam girl students, teachers and parents. Our small endeavor to colour the lives of the village women with hues of happiness.

Offering of RSVK

This skill was imparted to help village girls make some earnings. The creativity involved has boosted their self-esteem.

Naturopathy organisation INO

‘When beautiful people come together, beautiful things happen.’ We experienced this when 500 of us gathered to celebrate International Yoga Day. Our Rural development team led by Mrs. Renuka Vyas, a senior Naturopath and her team of three other Naturopath instructors made us bond over yogasanas. The exchange of love and thoughts between people from different villages was a cherry on the cake. INO recognised our work with appreciation & coupled it with certification.

Offering of RSVK

We arranged a meet of villagers from nearby villages and taught them yogasanas for a healthy living.

SSY at Pimpoli

Guruji says whenever we touch the soul of a common man, we get closer to our vision the vision to create happiness, leadership and healthy India – An India, which is much more aware and at a higher consciousness. Yes, SSY is the way. Thank you Guruji for designing this wonderful gift – the gift of this scientific systematic approach to touch lives.

Pimpoli village women were enrolled into SSY by showing them an introduction of this program.The batch was conducted in the village and the initiation in the SSY Aashram.

Date: 16 Aug 2017

Venue: Pimpoli

Teacher/Trainer: Dipesh

Coordinators: Manisha and Alok.

Participants: 12

Material used: SSY Literature, speakers & mike etc