SSY Aandhale

In our endeavor to empower rural India, we are continuously reaching out to different villages with our enriching SSY program. And we have now successfully added Aandhale village in our fold. For the first time, Aandhale village hosted SSY program for the villagers with a batch of 19 people. Already, in Khamboli village, there’s an SSY program being conducted with 32 villagers.  At Katarkhadak, we recently completed an SSY batch for villagers. Also, our ‘Clean India Mission’ is being incorporated in the program by creating awareness & showing the villagers, the video –  ‘ The Cleanest Village of India’, along with SSY program. It is an initiative to inspire them and raise their consciousness, so that they are open to ‘Clean India Mission’ and work towards making it a reality of their own accord.

Offering of RSVK

Thank you Guruji for blessing us with SSY knowledge, and a system to build a team of dedicated SSY teachers to offer this knowledge to one and all.  Thank you for giving us insight into the ‘Clean India Mission.’

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