Motherhood & Fearless Fatherhood/Yes Parenting

An ISP (Infant Siddha Program) session was conducted for rural parents. The sessions were a prelude to happy parenting days. Aimed at parents of children from 0-7 yrs., the program aids in providing the child conducive environment for all round growth.



One of the participants, Mrs. Seema Kamble, a ZP school teacher,  practiced one of the applications of ISP on her students  and reported,” Earlier the  students were disinterested in learning new English words. But with flash cards as a ‘Fluent forever’ technique I learnt in the ISP session, I have noticed that the student engagement has gone up and they are a happy bunch of motivated learners now.”

The rural participants immediately applied some tools like Sleep talk, flash cards transforming themselves into ‘Yes ‘ parents.

offering of RSVK


Mrs. Shilpa Kshirsagar , our rural  team member, resolved the  queries  of inquisitive  parents. The parents were more than happy to receive this easy to apply knowledge for making learning quick, fun and long lasting.

Workout For Mind, Body And Spirit

We conducted SSY sessions for 21 rural participants of Katarkhadak village. This total health management program brought out the best in the participants by giving them enough food for mind, body and spirit.



The participants ruminated on the knowledge given and reported a positive change in their attitude. Appreciating this life enhancement programme, Miss. Kaajal Malpute confessed, “I was very diffident about my entrepreneurship skills. The program has given a new confidence to take up a new project.”


offering of RSVK


We Our rural team member, Mrs. Shilpa Kshirsagar along with Rambhai and Hemali conducted the sessions.