Varsha marathon

Varsha Marathon – running during monsoon, is an activity with a purpose. A purpose of togetherness, a cause of creating awareness towards nature.

Rishi Gurukulam children along with village children run in the Mulshi Taluka for 14 Kilometers. At the end of it all, rural and the urban kids bond with each other in loving togetherness.

Offering of RSVK

An activity to inspire students of Rishi Gurukulam and village students to run for a cause.

Organize it, coordinate it and make it happen.

Date: 23 July 17

Venue: Mulshi Valley

Teacher/Trainer: Rahul sir

Coordinators: Dipesh, Bindu and rural team

Participants: Katarkhadak and Khamboli village students

Gratitude to: PujyaGuruji , Manojji and whole Rural development team!