Bappa distributes the books

Shri Krishna Vyayam Mandal, Shukrvarpet, Pune, came up with this unique idea. On the occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi, they decide to offer Ganpati Bappa study kits of four books, pen, pencil, scale, eraser and sharpener, so that the kits can be later distributed to needy children. The idea was that the children, instead of feeling proud for giving it as charity, were in gratitude for making an offering to Ganapati Bappa. This offering later was distributed in the rural India.

Offering of RSVK

We helped these brilliant brains meet the right set of children who would use this books and stationery kit for their education.188 such sets were distributed in four village schools in four villages. Children were delighted to receive these study kits. Teachers of the school assured us, to make best use of the books for the academics of the students.

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