Daily Energy session

Food for the soul is as vital as food for the body. Our invaluable supporters and helpers of the village team, right from housekeeping staff to cooks, drivers, admin staff, in-house carpenters, plumbers, Nursery , etc. take a daily bite into these Recharger sessions. These rejuvenating sessions include prayers, inspirational talks and videos. Small portions of values on a daily basis help the villagers experience inner growth, peace and happiness. This gradually transforms into their lives and manifests in their dealings with their loved ones , bringing more harmony in their outer world.

Offering of RSVK

A group of teachers, trainers takes daily sessions for this group.  Various trainers, speakers and teachers contribute on a variety of topics. This keeps them stress free, energizes them and makes them happy for no reason. They grow in self-love and their self-esteem rises.

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