Jingle bell..jingle bell..

Date: 25 Dec 2017


Venue: Katarkhadak


Coordinators: Amol and Rafik


Participants: Children


Material used: Water bottles


Gratitude to: Pujya Guruji , Manoj ji and whole Rural development team!

Guruji ‘s wife, Arundhati Ma and Guruji’s son, Siddhant distributed joy to the children of nearby villages on Christmas eve. Celebrating togetherness by serving snacks, cakes and water bottles, Arundhati Ma commemorated the birthday of her late sister by spending the day with the village kids. Melodious Guru bhajans and fun time filled the kendra with sound of happiness.

offering of RSVK


The village kids were invited to the Katarkhadak Kendra where the celebrations took place and 100 water bottles were distributed.

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