Pottery for children

Pottery mirrors the joy of creation. It is not just playing with clay. It gives a child immense joy in sitting by the potter’s wheel and placing his wet hands on the slowly spinning clay! Clay is a unique art medium because it is highly responsive to touch and very forgiving. Pottery benefits are immense for children. It has a therapeutic and calming effect develops higher self-esteem, children become more expressive, learn problem solving and imbibe discipline. Besides, it also enhances creativity and spatial intelligence, nurtures ability to create, encourages out of the box thinking and improves fine motor skills.

Date: Twice a week

Venue: SSY Aananda Kendra, Katarkhadak and Javal Village.

Teacher/Trainer: Mitun Kumbhar

Coordinators: Amol

Participants: Katarkhadak and Javal village children.

Material used: Clay and Pottery wheel, Furnace!

Gratitude to: Pujya Guruji , Manojji and whole Rural development team!

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